Kilian Koeltzsch

Software Engineer based in Dresden, Germany. kiliankoe kiliankoe



Dresden, Germany 2022 - present

I work as part of the frontend team building the iOS-based control software for our robotics platform, specifically related to welding tasks. Wandelbots is aiming to democratize robotics and making them accessible for everyone, the iOS app being the piece of the stack directly in the hands of our customers.


Remote 2021 - 2022

At Beeper I was the first full-time iOS developer and shortly thereafter part of the team building the iOS Matrix client for our users. Although we encountered many unique issues, many due to the fact of having started a new product and company, but building on a legacy code-base, we had a blast overcoming them and slowly but surely building a fantastic app.

eos.uptrade GmbH

Dresden, Germany 2019 - 2021

I was part of the iOS team in charge of several apps/solutions for digital ticketing in a public transportation context. Aside from classic digital tickets that closely mirror their physical counterparts we also worked on novel approaches that work by allowing passengers to semi-automatically track their journeys and be billed the cheapest possible price automatically.

Hacon GmbH

Dresden, Germany 2020 - 2021

I worked as part of the iOS team creating and maintaining public transportation applications for many public transportation providers across Europe and around the globe.

Apple Inc.

Cupertino CA, USA 2018 - 2019

This was a software engineering internship in which I primarily worked on Swift Package Manager implementing a new SAT-solving based dependency resolution algorithm which is now (as of Swift 5.2) the default implementation and thus used by millions of developers across the globe.

Dresden University of Technology

Dresden, Germany 2013 - 2019

I held multiple student positions over the years. These include being the sole maintainer of the iOS app Campus Navigator since 2015, being a teaching assistant for Computer Science II for Mechanical Engineering students teaching the basics of C# and UML, mentoring a first year CS LEGO robotics course and tutoring first year CS students.

Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus

Dresden, Germany 2016

Updated an iOS app used to navigate the university hospital campus to the current iOS SDK and also consulted in what's necessary for a successful iOS app publication on the App Store.

Liefermax GmbH

2015 - 2016

Together with Benjamin Herzog I collaborated to develop an iPad application to alleviate the job of beverage deliverers. It replaced an existing pen and paper solution and is in active use and under further development today.

Remus Datentechnik GmbH

Ingolstadt, Germany 2010 - 2012

Remus Datentechnik GmbH was at the time the only Apple certified Premium Reseller in Ingolstadt. We dealt in all things hard- and software from Apple and other selected vendors besides offering technical support and training to customers.

2009 - 2010

In the early days of the iPhone and the iPod touch, was one of the first sites to cover news on these devices and iOS (not yet named that at the time). We had several thousand monthly visitors and specialized in articles reviewing Apple hardware and many early iOS apps.



A chat client for the Matrix protocol built with SwiftUI. The app was primarily targeted for iOS, but thanks to Helge Heß it also runs on macOS. It also served as somewhat of a playground for testing the limits of early SwiftUI versions, with several interesting workarounds having to be found.

Mensa Dresden

A mobile app to check what's on the menu for Dresden's university canteens. Also allows scanning the so called Emeal card via NFC to check the current balance and is localized across several languages for international students. The app is surprisingly well received with a few thousand weekly usage sessions.


An app and open-data platform that aggregates and shows current available parking spaces in public parking spots for several European cities. I built the iOS app and backend that collects data and serves it up to apps and other clients. The project is being maintained by Johannes Kliemann and me and has several hundred active monthly users.

Public Speaking

Cocoaheads Dresden - Reverse Engineering iOS Apps

May 2017

I spoke about reverse engineering iOS apps and showed techniques including intercepting network traffic, injection code on jailbroken devices and disassembling app binaries.

Mobile Camp 2017 - Reverse Engineering iOS Apps

April 2017

Same presentation as above.

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften - Lightning Talks

June 2014, June 2015, June 2018

Over a few years at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften I held a few short talks on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies overall and esoteric programming languages.

Cocoaheads Dresden - Swift Open Source

December 2015

Benjamin Herzog and I held a talk about Swift being open source and everything that entails.


December 2012, March 2013

The IDWerkstatt was a round of lightning talks held in the offices of the Pirate Party Dresden. Here I spoke about eco-friendly energy consumption and stopping unnecessary economic growth.


University of Applied Sciences Dresden

Dresden, Germany October 2016 - July 2019

Electrial Engineering and Information Technology, B.Sc. - unfinished

I specialized in automation engineering and technical computer science.

Dresden University of Technology

Dresden, Germany October 2014 - August 2016

Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc. - unfinished

Dresden University of Technology

Dresden, Germany October 2012 - August 2014

Media Computer Science, B.Sc. - unfinished

I was involved in projects related to web development and game design/development.


iFSR - Faculty of Computer Science Student Council

Dresden, Germany 2012 - 2014

I was an elected member and held differing positions at the iFSR, including spokesperson and leading the organization of the week-long first semester introduction program. In the following years I was active as an associated member.

WWDC 2016

San Francisco CA, USA June 2016

I was granted a scholarship ticket and attended Apple's World Wide Developer Conference in 2016 by showcasing the aforementioned ParkenDD and Campus Navigator projects.


2017 - present

Together with Hendrik Sollich I co-host the German podcast Akronymisierbar about programming languages, messengers, technology and general and anything else that's somewhat adjacent.

Hallo Swift

2020 - present

Bilal Reffas and I host the premier German podcast covering the Swift programming language. We cover current news and language evolution and speak with guests from the community about interesting projects.

References available upon request.